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Spring Break Family Learning Adventure in Peru

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What is our 2-Week Peru Family Learning Adventure all About?

You ask, we deliver!  For those families wanting a shorter version of our 1 Month Family Adventure, we are excited to announce a 2 Week Mini Family Adventure in the Sacred Valley of Peru in April 2024!

Kids and teens ages 7 to 16 will spend the mornings & early afternoons of the FIRST WEEK in local schools with similarly aged Peruvian youth for learning projects and cultural excursions. Their time together will provide a language immersion for visiting youth and the unique opportunity to experience a “week-in-the-life” of Peruvian kids and teens by learning alongside them in the classroom, playing sports and eating lunch together, and participating in a local field trip.  

Visiting youth will spend the late afternoon hours of the FIRST WEEK participating in workshops for hands-on learning of various aspects of Peruvian culture such as pottery, cooking and outdoor adventure.

Parents can spend the FIRST WEEK working remotely, exploring nearby villages, choosing an outdoor adventure activity, or participating in a workshop to learn about fascinating aspects of Peruvian culture.

The SECOND WEEK will bring visiting families together for local cultural excursions and outdoor adventures!  Families will cross Machu Picchu off their bucket lists, explore archaeological sites, hike in the Andes, and spend a day with a local Quechua Community learning about their traditional way of life.

A Completely Immersive Experience for Kids and Teens

During the first week of the 2 Week Family Adventure Program, visiting kids and teens in two groups (ages 7-11 & 12-16) will join similarly-aged local students in nearby schools from approximately 8:00 am to 2:00 pm. 

Visiting and local youth will team up on a uniquely curated learning project related to exploration of the Peruvian Andes, its distinctive culture and local natural resources. Their week together will include a guided excursion to an ancient archaeological site, museum, or other natural attraction in the nearby Andean mountains and valleys.

After a daily lunchtime of socializing and eating local food with their new Peruvian friends, visiting kids and teens will then spend their afternoons in group workshops: 

  • learning pottery techniques with a local artisan;

  • building self-confidence in a popular circus arts skills class;

  • developing an appreciation for the sounds of Andean instruments with a local musician;

  • embracing nature during an outdoor & adventure skills class; and 

  • combining local ingredients to create delicious dishes in a cooking class with a local chef.

All age groups will have the unique opportunity to immerse in another language and culture in stimulating and supportive guided learning environments.

Plenty of Weekday Activities for Parents

Parents have plenty of options to fill their weekdays. They can:

  • Work remotely from their bungalow or cabin (with excellent high-speed internet!)
  • Roam around nearby traditional villages of Calca and Pisac
  • Explore nature trails directly accessible from the villas
  • Choose from a variety of cultural workshops such as Peruvian cooking, pottery, or weaving*
  • Try white water rafting, mountain biking, or horseback riding…all levels and abilities welcome!*

*A list of cultural workshops and outdoor activities will be provided, bookable at each family’s option for an additional fee.

A Fun Friday Evening for All

On the first Friday evening, kids and teens will be invited to a “Pizza and Movie Night” (supervised by the Local Hosts in the 'Community Bungalow') while parents enjoy an evening of cocktails, Peruvian culinary treats and expert speakers sharing their knowledge of local culture and customs. Possible topics include:

  • A screening of "Opening the Earth: The Potato King" documenting the life of Julio Hancco, local guardian of Andean biodiversity. 

  • Andean views of the cosmos and spirituality under vistas of the clear night sky.

  • Food and drink in ancient Peru and their evolution to modern cuisine.

Your Arrival Weekend

Join other participating families in a Welcome Picnic at a fascinating archaeological site in nearby Pisac, a riverside town renowned for its Incan ruins and vibrant marketplace. You will meet the Local Team whose warm and friendly personalities and helpful guidance will instantly help you to feel at home in the Sacred Valley.  After a delicious lunch on a green hillside surrounded by a breathtaking view of the Andes Mountains, families will visit a local archeological site and learn about some of the local Inca history.  Families will then return to Calca and the comfort of their accommodation so the kids and teens can get ready for their exciting “week-in-the-life” of local Peruvian kids and teens as they join them at the two nearby schools.  Parents will have the opportunity to meet with the Local Host to ensure that they have everything they need for their first week of working remotely or exploring the region while their youth are at the schools in the mornings and in their afternoon culture workshops.

Your Second Week

The second week is filled with exciting and inspiring excursions and activities that highlight the historical, cultural and natural wonders of this breathtaking region: 

  • Monday: Learn about traditional Andean culture that has survived for thousands of years. Spend the day with the hospitable people of a local Quechua community. Proud indigenous families will invite you to join them in their daily activities, such as traditional farming, animal breeding and weaving. Everyone will share a delicious local lunch together.

  • Wednesday: Explore the archaeological park of Machu Picchu, one of the great wonders of the ancient world, a marvel of engineering ingenuity. Enjoy a privately guided tour of the ancient Incan ruins, learning about farming terraces, worship areas, temples, and dwellings of the tribes who inhabited the area. The panoramic train that brings visitors to the Machu Picchu gateway village of Aguas Calientes is an incredible journey through dramatically contrasting landscapes, from the Andean Valley surrounded by snow-capped mountains to the mist-shrouded wooded wonderland of the Peruvian Cloud Forest.

Your Departure Weekend

  • Friday: Enjoy a guided tour of Cusco as well as the opportunity to lunch together and buy souvenirs and crafts from local artisans.  
  • On the final evening, all visiting families, local families and teachers from the schools will enjoy a beautiful late afternoon & evening celebrating cross-cultural connections, friendship, and practicing languages. Everyone will gather at a local cafe with an expansive courtyard and outdoor activities for kids as well as live music and a bonfire.

Where We’ll Be Staying

Families will spend the two weeks on the outskirts of the quaint and typical Andean village of Calca, about 30 miles from Cusco. Here, nestled in the foothills of the Andes Mountains and alongside the Urubamba River, discover a delightful collection of spacious modern bungalows and cabins designed in rustic chic style, providing an idyllic home-away-from-home for visiting families. 

With two to four bedrooms, the bungalows and cabins offer conveniently designed accommodation to suit a range of family sizes.   

  • Do you have relatives or friends also considering this program? Consider sharing one of the spacious villas.  
  • Will you be working remotely during your month in the Sacred Valley? One of the bedrooms could serve as your home office.
  • Participating families with multiple children (or bringing a cousin or friend) will find many beds in these bungalows and cabins.

Each villa has:

  • 2 to 4 bedrooms, sleeping 6 to 12 people
  • 2.5 to 3.5 bathrooms
  • a well-appointed kitchen, with indoor and outdoor dining areas
  • High-speed internet supporting an excellent Zoom and streaming connection
  • An outdoor patio and yard area


About The Sacred Valley

The Sacred Valley of Peru, at an altitude of over 9,000 feet, has pleasantly cool daytime temperatures averaging in the high 60s during June and July. Early mornings and evenings can get chilly, so bring extra layers of clothing.

The small village of Calca can be reached via a 5 minute drive or 15 minute walk (on a path along the river, directly accessible from the bungalows and cabins). Calca has preserved features of what an indigenous Andean town looked like before Spanish colonization and often is a highlight for visitors seeking to avoid tourist-packed destinations. The Sunday market attracts local farmers and artisans from traditional mountain communities who offer an array of mouth-watering food as well as distinctive textiles, and eye-catching crafts. Delight in the proximity of shops, grocery stores, cafes, and restaurants that fill this picturesque town. 

A 25-minute drive past Calca leads to the slightly larger community of Pisac, known for its ancient Incan ruins on the surrounding canyon walls and a large, lively weekend market that fills the plaza to overflowing with the breathtaking colors of textiles from local weavers as well as the fruits and vegetables of regional farmers.

A Warm Sense of Camaraderie and Community

Families benefit from being part of a congenial and supportive community. Prior to departure, video calls will be organized so participants can get to know each other before the trip. Participants will also be connected via WhatsApp so they can easily coordinate meet-ups and stay in touch. A sense of camaraderie will arise through shared experiences like potluck dinners, impromptu get-togethers, and playdates.

Our Local Partner - Tanit Trails

We are delighted to partner with Nicolas Ramirez and the extraordinary team at Tanit Trails for this immersive adventure in the Sacred Valley. The company specializes in providing authentic cultural learning experiences and exploration of nature and history for visitors to their beloved Peru. Nico and his team bring an incredible depth and breadth of knowledge about Andean and Peruvian culture as well a huge range of expertise in outdoor adventure sports and activities. Their passion for their work will become apparent to all who interact with them.

Contribution & Impact

A core value guiding our program is Contribution. We aim to contribute directly to the community members who graciously host and guide our families, sharing their lives and cultural traditions with us. Often this leads naturally to lifelong friendships that you and your children will cherish. To this end, a donation to the two local schools has been built into each family’s program fees. By your participation, you are contributing to unforgettable cross-cultural experiences for all the kids.  


Pricing is based on the number of family members and the type of villa (of which there are five). The base price is for a family of one parent and one child aged 7 to 11 or one parent and one teen aged 12 to 16. Pricing includes accommodations, youth programming, weekend activities, van transportation, and much more. You can find a detailed list of What's Included under the Invoice tab. 

How to Apply

Applications are being reviewed on a first-come, first-serve basis. The program is highly selective and participation is strictly limited, accepting a maximum of eight families. The application process consists of submitting an online form describing your family, which typically takes about ten minutes. Just 'Express Interest' and you will immediately gain access to the application form. 

Watch our info session with a family who experienced the Sacred Valley Adventure last summer. Hear their stories!


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