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Family Learning Adventure in Mexico’s Historic Jewel and Natural Wonders

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Querétaro, Mexico 22 DAYS Starting from $3,500

What is our Family Learning Adventure all About?

Participating families will get to enjoy a unique melded program for both parents and children, designed to facilitate bonding of your kids with both visiting peers and locals, shaking up routines to foster new bonds within your family unit. Parents can choose to join their kids and teens on selected excursions, do their work at a co-working hub, or opt for swimming, doing yoga and working out at a nearby aquatic, sports and fitness center. Families reunite in the evenings, enjoying delightful food and festivities.

The WWB concept is for families to experience Querétaro as their home-away-from-home for a few weeks, trying remote working in new destinations as a viable life alternative for parents and youth, or simply as a well-organized and culturally enriching family vacation for the fun of it all, the formative experiences, and the creation of lifelong memories. 

Our Family Exploration Educational Concept

A typical weekday morning during your time in Querétaro will likely find you and your family enjoying breakfast together in your apartment or at one of the many casual dining options in your neighborhood. 

Kids and teens get picked up for camp at 9 am and dropped back off in the afternoon between 2 to 4 pm (specific drop-off times vary depending on field trips).  

Parents can choose to accompany their kids on two of their weekly field trips or else fill their day as they wish. They can work remotely in their apartments or at the nearby co-working hub, run errands or perhaps visit the gym, stroll around the lush, green, pedestrian-friendly Alamos neighborhood or hop in an Uber to explore nearby areas.

An Immersive Day Camp for Kids and Teens

We are thrilled to partner with Bonding, local experts in experiential summer camps for kids and teens.

Bonding focuses on connecting campers with Mexican culture and nature, building friendships, learning new things, arts and crafts, sports and hikes, fun and games.

Bonding camps for young people are known throughout Mexico for their safety and security record and policies. Camps are staffed by a team of bilingual, young adult counselors, a Technical Coordinator and an Operations Coordinator. A professional medical staff is trained to handle health issues and manage campers’ dietary needs. 

Week 1:  Getting to Know Mexico

  • The first week will enable visiting kids and teens to bond while learning fascinating aspects of Mexican history, biodiversity, art, gastronomy and culture

  • Campers will also learn basics of Spanish to prepare for the next 2 weeks during which they will strengthen their language skills through immersion

  • During Weeks 2 and 3, about local kids and teens will join the camp for cross-cultural learning, field trip excursions, friendship-building and fun!

Week 2: Technology, Innovation & Industry

  • Discover the science and engineering of flight during a guided tour of the Aeronautical University of Querétaro

  • Learn firsthand about local agriculture during tours of a cheese factory and vineyard

  • Connect with local people as you participate in a cheese-making workshop and learn how grapes are cultivated, harvested and processed into juice and wine

  • Immerse yourself in nature while learning ecological growing techniques at a 120+ acre hacienda

Week 3: Arts, Culture and History

  • Create your own ceramics and festive pinatas during workshops at Querétaro’s renowned arts center

  • Learn about Mexico via an “Amazing Race” in the picturesque nearby village of Bernal (one of Mexico’s Pueblos Magicos

  • Climb Peña de Bernal, the world’s third largest monolith and a UNESCO World Heritage Site

  • Join a workshop of indigenous artisans from the local Otomi population and learn how to create a Muneca Lele doll

Weekend Activities and Excursions for Families

  • ​​​​A Welcome Celebration in the style of a “Kermés Mexicana” WWB families get to know each other and their local hosts in a lively outdoor party. Sample local dishes and drinks as well as experience carnival-style games and activities. 
  • A Day with Local Mexican Families - WWB families will be matched with local families and spend a day together learning about each other’s family and culture. This promises to be a peak experience of the whole program, a heart-warming day of fun and camaraderie for local and visiting families alike!

  • A Taquiza with Local Families - WWB families and local families will reunite for a fun Taquiza, a taco party providing an unique opportunity to spend time with families from another culture, building friendships and cross-cultural awareness. 

  • Farewell Lunch with a “Dia de los Muertos” Theme - An unforgettable, fun and macabre celebration of life and friendship.

Unforgettable Experiences for Parents

Parents can choose to join their children on up to 2 specified field trips per week. These adventures provide a great opportunity for families to learn together about the history, culture, ecosystems and industry of the state of Querétaro.

On Wednesdays, parents also have the option to do excursions and workshops (from 1–4pm so you're home in time to meet your kids after camp). The Wednesday programming is designed to offer a unique perspective into local and regional culture. Our local partners have carefully selected and trained guides specially for these tours: 

  • Street Food Tour with A Local Expert - Delight your palate on a 3-hour gastronomic tour through the quaint, cobblestone streets of Querétaro’s downtown.

  • The Flavors of Mexico - Experience the mouth-watering pairings of two of Mexico’s most well-known ingredients: mezcal and mole. 

  • Vineyard Visit - Discover Mexico’s “extreme viticulture” during this 1-hour guided tour and tasting at a local wine producer.

  • Salsa Lesson - Embrace the energy and passion of Afro-Caribbean rhythms as you learn and practice local dance moves.  

About Querétaro

One of Mexico’s urban treasures, rich in history and culture, Querétaro combines antiquity with modernity as a UNESCO-protected World Heritage Site and an international hub for the aerospace, automotive and information technology industries. The city is renowned for its colorful plazas and gracious boulevards with overflowing bougainvillea, oleander, jacaranda and other flowering trees. Restaurants and cafes offer an abundance of delicious salsas, moles, pastries, local wines and mezcal. Artists and street musicians abound. 

Nestled atop a 6,000 foot plateau in the Sierra Gorda foothills, Querétaro's low-humidity, high-desert climate delivers pleasant year-round temperatures, with rare precipitation and cool, breezy evenings. The city is surrounded by waterfalls, canyons, caves and other natural wonders among seven distinct ecosystems within a two-hour drive, ranging from tropical rainforest to arid desert. The region is a playground for nature lovers. 

Where We’ll Be Staying

Program participants will get to stay in a modern apartment complex conveniently located just a mile from the Querétaro UNESCO-protected historic city center, in the lush, walkable neighborhood of Alamos. Delight in the family-friendly, beautiful, clean, pedestrian-filled neighborhood surrounding your home. Built around a tree-lined boulevard with walking/running paths in the center, this neighborhood offers abundant retail options, including boutiques and mini-marts, cafes and restaurants, banks, gyms and co-working spaces. 

The complex consists of two 5-floor buildings with approximately 50 suites/apartments in each, ranging from 2 to 3 bedrooms. An outdoor courtyard offers a lovely green space, a playground for kids, and an outdoor café with seating for parents to relax or hang out with their kids and other families. 

The lower level of the complex has 24-hour security and a front desk concierge, a convenience store, restaurants and laundry facilities. If you need groceries or want to explore Querétaro, a quick Uber ride will whisk you to any part of the city. Large supermarkets are only 10 minutes away.

Each apartment also includes a space in the covered parking garage.  

World-Class Remote Work Facilities

  • At nearby El Proyecto 7, a coworking center just a few minutes walk from the apartment complex, parents can rent a private office or get a membership for the shared workspace.

  • The apartment complex itself offers co-working spaces (group and private) that can be reserved on an as-needed basis for a small fee.

  • In the surrounding neighborhood, parents can work remotely at local public spaces offering WiFi while enjoying a drink or bite to eat.

A Warm Sense of Camaraderie and Community

Families benefit from being part of a congenial and supportive community. Prior to departure, video calls will be organized and a private Facebook Group will be set up so participants can get to know each other before the trip. Participants will also be connected in Querétaro via WhatsApp so they can easily coordinate meet-ups. A sense of camaraderie will arise through shared experiences like field trips, potluck dinners, parent-only excursions, and weekend outings for the whole family. 

Your Local Host

WWB has partnered with Go By Vilu, local specialists in immersive experiences for visitors to Mexico, well-known for going the extra mile to ensure guests have an unforgettable experience in their beloved country. As Founder & CEO of Go By Vilu, Juan Manuel helps foreign travelers to get the most out of their trip by showcasing the real Mexico, its people, history, food and culture. Bilingual in Spanish and English, he loves working with people to learn from them and to teach them about his nation's values and customs. Juan will be available to visiting families to assist as needed, ensuring that excursions and daily activities flow smoothly and helping families to feel like locals.

Contribution & Impact

A core value guiding our program is Contribution. We aim to contribute directly to the community members who graciously host and guide our families, sharing their lives and cultural traditions with us. Often this leads naturally to lifelong friendships that you and your children will cherish. To this end, our program fees include a donation towards scholarships for local youth to attend the camp. By your participation, you are contributing to unforgettable cross-cultural experiences for all the kids. 

How to Apply

Applications are now being reviewed on a first-come, first-served basis. A maximum of six families will be accepted, so everyone can easily get to know each other, and the experience will remain intimate, without ever feeling like mass tourism. The application process consists of submitting an online form describing your family.  


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Querétaro, Mexico
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